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Buzz of excitement as new ESRA program is launched

The launch meeting at the Kiryat Sharett clubhouse which was addressed by Lola Katz

Now you're talking

Something exciting is taking place in Raanana!

On March 31, some 20 enthusiastic participants met in the Kiryat Sharett clubhouse for the launch of the LET'S TALK program in Raanana.

This new program, initiated by ESRA together with the Raanana Municipality Volunteer Division, represented by its director, Doron Bacher, pairs an English-speaker with a Hebrew-speaker for conversation. 

Lola Katz . co-coordinator of Volunteering for ESRA

There was a tangible buzz of excitement in the air as the attendees waited to meet their "conversation partner". The pair will meet at a time of their choosing, at a place of their choosing and each will practice the other's language through conversation about subjects of their choice of mutual interest.

ESRA Modiin has been running such a program since 2011 with great success. The number of participants has increased over the years, the levels of the target language have grown and improved, many friendships have been formed and, perhaps most important of all, barriers have been broken down.

The 'Let's Talk' launch was advertised to ESRA readers in Raanana, and through Doron's volunteer list in Raanana. Potential participants filled in a form with their details and their interests, indicating whether they had a preference for a male or a female partner, times for meeting, and other information.

Brenda Katten, ESRA chairperson, welcomed the participants and gave a short introduction to the activities of the organization. Lola Katz, Co-coordinator of Volunteering for ESRA, gave an amusing introductory talk, with hilarious examples of what happens when words are confused in an unfamiliar language.

An ideal volunteer has been found to lead and manage the program in Ziva Kahn, who is fluent in both languages and enjoys working with people and with language.

Sixteen pairs have already been matched and we hope to have more pairs when more Hebrew speakers join the program. We are sure this program will attract many more eager participants and we look forward to much interaction and growth – and fun for all involved.

Those interested should contact our ESRA office at telephone 09-950-8371 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., telling the office in which area they live.

Juliet Rostowsky is ESRA's Co-coordinator of Volunteering. 



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Friday, 09 June 2023

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