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A December Sunday Afternoon at the Sea of Galilee
Lucille Cohen
July 2022
Lillian Jacob – A Tiny Tour de Force
Jennia Ganit Chodorov
July 2022
Laugh out Loud
Jennia Ganit Chodorov
July 2022
The Spiritual Meaning of Soul-Mates
Leon Charney
July 2022
History in Musical Form
Evelynne Cherny
July 2022
Stop the World! I Want to Get Off
Shavit Ben-Chorin
July 2022
A Tribute to Outgoing Beer Sheva Chair Carole Rosenblatt
Ingrid Barzelai
July 2022
Youth Giving to Youth
Nina Zuck
July 2022
Honey Stollman
Life in Israel
Roni Saslove, Guy Haran, Itamar Gur and David Silverman, authors of “Wine Journey — An Israeli Adventure”
"The Wine Interview" with Guy Haran
Martin Sinkoff
Food | Wine


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