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Juliet Rostowsky is a South African registered and now retired Industrial Psychologist.  After completing her MA in Industrial Psychology (Witwatersrand University, South Africa), she completed the required internship. She also has a Post Graduate Teaching Diploma - HED PG from Wits and is qualified to teach English and Guidance (Lifestyle subjects).

Juliet worked as a consultant Industrial Psychologist in Johannesburg for 25 years. Juliet says of her career:  “I have always loved what I did, and every day in practice was a treat and a surprise and it never lost its fascination for me”.  She has consulted and worked in the fields of training and development, leadership development, individual and group communication skills, assertiveness training and career guidance and career planning.   Latterly, for 10 years, she worked almost exclusively as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defendant in the medico-legal field, in matters of loss of earning capacity.  She has also trained and supervised the training of Psychometrists and Psychologists.  In the early years of her career, she trained and worked as a Marriage Guidance Counselor and Sex Educationist.  Juliet has also studied graphology, which holds great fascination for her, and she has used it in her work.

Juliet retired from practice in 2003 when she and her husband Rusty came to live in Israel to join two of their three children and their families living in Israel. 

Juliet has been involved with ESRA since her arrival in Israel.  She is a member of the ESRA Executive Committee, she heads the Volunteer Committee and the Counseling Service and is active in placing and orientating volunteers and in training counselors and befrienders for ESRA.

They have seven grandchildren in Israel and three in Toronto, where their elder son has lived for the past 30 years. 

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