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Helen Schary Motro is author of Maneuvering between the Headlines: An American Lives through the Intifada (Other Press, New York 2005). An American lawyer living in Israel for 20 years with her family as well as part of each year in her native New York, Motro began her second career as a writer during the Gulf War in 1991. Motros commentary articles are published frequently in the major American and international press including The New York Times, Newsweek, Christian Science Monitor, and International Herald Tribune.

A columnist for the Jerusalem Post from 1998 to 2002, Motro is recipient of the Common Ground Award for Journalism in the Middle East. Her poetry and fiction appear in literary magazines and anthologies. Motro holds a B.A. from the University of Chicago and J.D. and LL.M. degrees from the New York University School of Law. Helen is a member of the New York and Israel bars.

Esfir is Alive by Andrea Simon Bedazzled Ink Publishing, 201...
Smith’s iconic photo The Walk to Paradise Garden is on view at the Tel Aviv Museum exhibit

W. Eugene Smith, a pioneer of humanistic photojournalism, wa...
To the victor, the spoils. International exhibit winner Wildlife Photographer of 2016 by Don Gutoski

A jackal creeps up on a hoopoe bird in Yarkon Park. Israeli competition: First place, Bird Category. By Irit Drob.

Close-up of a honeybee Bet Yanai National Park. Israeli competition: First place, Ivertebrates Category. By Keren Eisenberger

Starlings overlooking the Dead Sea. Israeli Competition: Photograph of the Year. By Ilia Shalamaev

Feeding a baby hedgehog, Wildlife Hospital, Ramat Gan Second place: Wild animals in controlled environments By Daniella Harel

For 51 years the British Natural History Museum has been hol...
3,500 year old royal seal of the Egyptian Pharaoh Thutmose III. Photo: Elie Posner, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Falcon-shaped vessel, Ashkelon, 17th-16th century BCE, pottery Collection of Israel Antiquities Authority Photo: Elie Posner, Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Jewelry, Canaan, 14th-13th Century BCE, Gold Photo: David Harris, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Canaanite scarab bearing a generic figure of a Canaanite ruler, Tell el-`Ajjul, 17th -16th century BCE, steatite. Photo: Elie Posner, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Statue of the Nile God at the Capitolo by Francois Perrier, 1590-1650

The Finding of Moses, undated, oil on canvas, by Nicola Grassi, Italian, 1682-1750

Fragment of Sphinx, Hazor, 26th century BCE (but probably arrived at the site during 14th-13th century BCE), Gneiss Collection of Israel Antiquities Authority. Photo: Elie Posner, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

This winter, an Israeli hiking in the Galilee stumbled upon ...
Chiune Sugihara wrote blank visas for Jews and threw them from departing train

In the landscaped grounds in the park outside, this Universalist message rings loud and clear. Statues and memorials dot the expansive park

Example of a Sugihara visa

Three works at the Sugihara Museum:Fountain in Memorial Park, Bust of Chiune Sugihara, Museum banner displayed on town streets, Bells of Peace.

The little agricultural town of Yaotsu sits amidst the pictu...

Frau Blau creation

Medusa creation

India, the late 19th Century

Israel Museum exhibition- open till October 25, 2014 The Isr...
Hand in hand . . . a scene from "Last Stop"

With Last Stop, Shula Spiegel Productions and Dana Eden have...
Memories of England ... Paul Kohn at the coast with Reverend Morton

Young refugees in England: Paul Kohn and Eugene Gunz with their boxed gas masks

Paul and Rev. Morton play chess in the garden at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire

Paul, aged 6, with his parents in pre-war Austria

Paul and Eugene in Chatteris in 1942

The boys enjoying English comic papers

Paul reporting for The Jerusalem Post. In the foreground is the familiar figure of Israeli statesman David Ben-Gurion

Paul Kohn addresses ESRA audience in Herzliya Genteel smilin...
Final resting place ... Marc Chagall’s tombstone in the village of St Paul de Vence

By Cynthia and Raymond Selwyn , Helen Schary Motro ...
Descent from the Cross

Flayed Ox

The Fall of the Angel

Self portrait with clock by Chagall

 The Chagall exhibit at the Jewish Museum in New York i...
Shedding a tear: a scene from DocAviv festival winner Waiting for Sunrise, directed by Vered Argaman

It's no secret that Israeli cinema is growing up. Its leap f...

The venerable Jewish Museum in New York is housed in an eleg...