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My Eilat

Photo credit: Julia Katsarska on Unsplash

My Eilat

It fills my day with happiness
Discovering the beauty all around
A view of Shlomo mountain tops
Dressed in all its colors
Of brown, cream, and grey
With a sparkling of crimson, gold and white
Like a painting on a wall with all its splendor shown
The human spirit melts
At such a sight
And suddenly blue birds appear
Making circles in the sky
heading home to other lands or coming in to land.
We are lifted into a "heaven" of sheer delight
And say Amen for such a gift of life
Then I go across the hall and see the stretch of sea
The red sea
With the Jordanian mountains behind the sea
As if supporting with their strong curved mountains the sea which stretches for many miles
With sheer delight
And sees beyond what the eye can't see of other lands which are far away
And yet close by
My Eilat is full of splendor
And full of love
It really is a paradise
A garden with exotic flowers
That spreads like a carpet
Clean and bright
Oh how I love my Eilat
With its clean blue skies
And colored pebbles in the sea
And dolphins that abound with life
Oh my Eilat
How I love thee.



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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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