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Cheryl Liebson at her 50th birthday celebration with her daughters Nicole (left) and Talia (right). Cheryl worked for ESRA for 14 years(11 as ESRA’s secretary) and (3 as manager of Beit Fisher

Please share with ESRA readers your celebrations - Births, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Marriages, Condolences.
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Yudit & Jonny Weil


§ On your grandchild
Louise & Arthur Lipschitz, on Niv

§On your grandson
Jack & Helen Berman
Meira & Jack Applebaum
Telma & Norman Geri
Marilyn & Michael Kramer
Nydia & Arnie Rabuchin, on Eyal
Renee & Maurice Singer


§ On your grandson
Susan & Pinny Kurnedz, on Amiel
Miranda Saltz, on Shimon


§ On your son
Rennie & Ze'ev Rafaely

§ On your daughter
Linda & Michael Sherrington


Nelly Perry


§ On your wife
Eli Libenson, on Suzy

Cecil Shevil, on Jennifer
Nigel Wallis, on Sylvia

§ On your father
Linda Barrett
Judith Schwarcz, Timor

§ On your mother
Jacques Capelutto, on Sheila

Roger, Paul, John & Stephen Lavender, on Sylvia "Bobbie"
Sandra-Ann, Walter & Robyn, on Bella Freedman
Susan Simpson

§ On your son
Stella & David Padeh, on Ilan

§ On your sister
Joan & Shim Frankenthal, on Nehama Baras

§ On your brother
Rita Bar-On, on David Eidelman

§ On your sister-in-law
Joey Freudmann, on Barbara

§ Family / Friends of
Margie Ben Shmuel

Ruth Reuveni
Maurice Ostroff
Evelyn Fisher Solomonov


Lucille & Glen Eilon | 50th
Phyllis & Ian Waldbaum | 50th


Ivor Brown
Ami Cohen | 80th
Yehudit Cohen | 75th
Bess Hoffman
Ruth Lapan | 100th
Cheryl Liebson | 50th
David Marcus | 100th
Naomi Resnick | 80th
Adele Rubin | 85th
Lynette Sackstein 80th
Joan Weisman | 70th



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