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At the marriage of Edith Williams and Micah Davis. From left to right: Alon Williams, Douglas Williams, Mark Blumberg, Edith (Williams) Davis, Micah Davis, Michael Williams, Pauline Williams, Greg Williams

Deborah Opolion - US


On your granddaughter

Esther Behrman, on Charlotte
Hannah Gillman, on Maya Yael
Carol & Mike Yarm
Joan Weisman

On your grandson

Esther Behrman, on Jonathan
Rena & Richard Stein, on Ron

On your great granddaughter

Chana & Joe Goldberg, on Gila

On your great grandson

Becky Marock
Betty & Ed Wolfe, on Yair


On your grandson

Val & Bobby Kantor
Marsha Young, on LiadOn your granddaughter/sFrankie & Mike Cronin, on Karin
Merle Koplow, on Hila De Paz
Vicky & Albert Pilo, on Gaia & Zoe
Gaia & Zoe Pilo, on their Bat Mitzvah


On your daughter

Phillipa & Ilan Blatt, on Sharon to Tal Cohen

On your son

Yonit & Yisrael Gurfinkel, on Daniel to Hodiya


On your daughter

Nina & Marvin Zuck, on Natalie to Gonen

Pauline & Michael Williams, on

Edith to Micah

On your son

Ruth & Zeev Abraham, on Jeff to Melissa Milsten

Hilary & Harry Berson, on Gary to Chen

Janine & Anthony Bloch, on Josh

On your grandson

Gita Sterenson, on Adam


Lenore & Herb Hahn | 60th
Val & Bobby Kantor | 50th
Barbara & Selwyn Lurie | 60th


Ivor Brown | 79th
Jack Rabin | 80th


Barbara and Selwyn Lurie, on their 60th wedding anniversary
Roni Aaron Bornstein, on receiving the Order of the Rising Sun medal from the Government of Japan for your work in Promoting economic relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Israel on behalf of the Emperor of Japan


Barbara Blum

Denise Levi

Dennis Salkinder

Carol Smith


On your husband

Doreen Mirvish Bahiri, on Simcha

Kay Golding, on David

Lydia Kruger, on Kenny

Ros Langbart, on Robert

Shirley Morgenstern, on Morgey

Riva Morris, on Cyril

Gootie Saul, on Alec

On your partner

Lily Rose Michalowsky, on

Marvyn Hatchuel

On your mother

Harriet Bark

Lauren Gelman, on Sybil Levin

On your father

Ruth Bakst, on Marvyn Hatchuel

Penelope Pulik

Hayley & Andrew Taitz, on Cecil

On your brother

Jean Cohen, Sheila Patz & Ruth Shakenovsky, on Ellis Kramer

Walter Hatchuel, on Marvyn


Lily Rose Michalowsky

On your son

Barbara Kandell, on Jonathan

Family / Friends of

Zena Clayton

Avraham Nussbacher

Phyllis Palgi

Michal Sharon 



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Tuesday, 26 September 2023

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