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Milestones 176


§ Herzlia
Marvyn Hatchuel

§ Kfar Saba
Naomi Fredman

§ Tel Mond
Meira & Jack Applebaum


§On your daughter
Ilana & Dorit Stein, on Noa

§ On your granddaughter
Hilary Lavi, on Ariel
Ruth Tanaman, on Noa
Baruch & Mimi Tanaman, on Noa

§ On your grandson
Brenda & Ron Dombey
Rika Meyerowitz

§ On your great granddaughter
Deana Whine, on Mia Simone

§ On your great grandson
Sylvia Dombey


§ On your daughter
Cherille & Sol Cohen, on Gabi

§ On your granddaughter
Janice & Daniel Cohen, on Gabi
Cecily & Barry Hack, on Gabi
Thelma & Steven Miller

§ On your grandson
Edith Dinar, on Lotem


§ On your daughter/son
Sharon & Robert Dalfen, on Talia to Avi Formanski
Jane Krivine, on Sophie Kaye to Christopher White
Shari & David Mendes and Larry & Louise Ladenheim, on Jon to Gabriella
Razel & Jonathan Rabinowitz, on Arielle to Yosef Stefansky
Perry & Sharon Shapira, on Dalia to Ariel
Linda & Michael Sherrington, on Ilana to Itai Hoffman


§ On your son
Maddy Levine, on Noah to Alice

§ On your grandson
Vivien & Alan Lehrer


Susan & David Franks | 50th
Cynthia & Stanley Shapira | 55th


Malcolm Finn | 75th
Norman Geri | 75th
Chana Goldberg
Eddy Hoffman | 80th
Sydney Joffe | 80th
Sheila Katz | 90th
June Levy | 80th
Barbara Lyons
Esther Rabinowitz
Jack Rabinowitz
Evelyn Sachs | 80th


Michael Belkin

Barbara & Neil Lyons 


§ Gail Lustig on becoming
Chairperson of Beth Protea


§ On your husband
Carol Cook, on Elhanan
Rika Meyerowitz, on Willy
Renee Rakin, on Wolfie
June Shuldenfrei, on Jack
Doreen Shaoul, on Edward

§ On your wife
Eric Isaacs, on Linda

§ On your father
Simon Monk
Benjamin & Daniel Sevitt, on Harvey

§ § On your great aunt
Nitzan Krivine, on Dolly

§ On your grandmother
Shani Dimant

§ Family / friends of
Muriel Chesler
Frances Greenberg
Natie Lieberman
Guthe Lessem


To our dear family and friends,
Thank you for your phone calls, letters, emails and condolence visits following the passing of Willy, my dear husband, our dear father, grandfather and great grandfather. Your support and sympathy are much appreciated.

Rika Meyerowitz & Family 



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