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Laugh Out Loud

From “Zoo Eretz Zoo” by Richard Codor

Abe goes to the movies and sits next to Moshe. Abe notices Moshe has his dog sitting next to him on the seat. The movie starts and Abe notices the dog laughs at the funny scenes and closes his eyes at the horror scenes. Abe was so fascinated by the dog's reaction and understanding of the movie that he asked Moshe, "Your dog is amazing – he actually liked the movie." Moshe replies, "Yes, I was very surprised also, because he hated the book."

Mrs. Stein, a rich tourist, goes to Paris to visit the art galleries. She decides to hire a guide to show her around the Louvre, "Oh" said Mrs. Stein looking at a painting, "That's a Monet, isn't it?" "No Madame, almost. It's a Manet." "And that one, it's a Pissarro?" "No I'm sorry Madame, that's a Monet." "Oh, I see. Now that one I'm sure of - that's a Picasso isn't it?" "…no Madame, that's a mirror."

Jewish Personals

  • Desperately seeking shmoozing! Retired senior citizen desires female companion 70+ for kvetching, kvelling, krechtzing. Under 30 is also OK. POB 64.
  • Heimishe balabusta, 39, will cook you such a tzimmes. Hurry, it's getting cold. POB 96.
  • Hey, shalom aleichem... So maybe you want to meet me, although all right, you probably don't. Nu, so if you change your mind, maybe epess you'll write me, but if not, it's OK, I understand. My name is Shayna Bochur. POB 55.
  • Israeli woman, 28, works behind falafel counter in pizza shop, looking for Jewish man with sense of humus. POB 789.
  • Worried about in-law meddling? I'm an orphan. Write. POB 74.
  • Nice Jewish guy, 38. No skeletons. No baggage. No personality. POB 78.
  • Are you the girl I spoke with at the kiddush after shul last week? You excused yourself to get more horseradish for your gefilte fish, but you never returned. How can I contact you again? (I was the one with the cholent stain on my tie). POB 766.
  • Shochet, 54, owns successful butcher shop in Northeast. Doesn't believe women should be treated like a piece of meat. Seeks Glatt kosher maydl for marriage. POB 99.
  • Female graduate student, studying kaballah, Zohar, exorcism of dybbuks, seeks mensch. No weirdos, please. POB 56.
  • Staunch Jewish feminist, wears tzitzis, seeking male who will accept my independence, although you probably will not. Oh, just forget it. POB 435.
  • Israeli professor, 41, with 18 years of teaching in my behind. Looking for American-born woman who speaks English very good. POB 55.
  • Couch potato latke, in search of the right applesauce. Let's try it for eight days. Who knows? POB 43.
  • Jewish male, 34, very successful, smart, independent, self-made. Looking for girl whose father will hire me. POB 53.
  • Single Jewish woman, 29, into disco, mountain climbing, skiing, track and field. Has slight limp. POB 76. 


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Monday, 17 June 2024

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