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Latte ladies may make you froth - A book Review


By: Pamela Peled, Tzippi Shaked, Danit Shemesh

Targum Publishers, 2014, 191 pages.

Reviewed by Jennia Ganit Chodorov 

 Ah, the irony.

How ironic that we live in a Jewish State, yet Judaism, the basic commonality that unites us all, also divides us the most?

As a secular person, how many Haredi friends do I have? None.

Modern Orthodox/Hardal? Three, of which two are relatives.

Why? Because of the chasms that separate us.

Intrepid (secular) Pamela Peled, (national-religious) Tzippi Shaked, and (Haredi) Danit Shemesh had the courage to explore these differences in a fascinating book called "Three Ladies, Three Lattes." Through deceptively charming interchanges and dialogue over coffee at a "neutral location" the book tackles issues that are tearing our country apart: Dress codes, sexuality, Jewish motherhood, whether to send/not send our kids to the army, to work or to study holy texts full-time, and politics. Examining these hot topics entails sharing their innermost beliefs, thoughts and opinions; the book makes for compelling, if not always easy, reading.

A veneer of cordiality only somewhat hides the mental stones and spears thrown in this battle of positions, each protagonist crystallizing her own viewpoint and hardening her stance as the book unfolds.

As each woman examines her own thoughts and beliefs it appears that all secretly hope to influence and change one another's viewpoint. That doesn't happen, although it certainly makes for an eye-opening, roller-coaster ride.

This must-read book provides an intimate understanding of some of the sides in our fractured land. The next step is to find ways to heal the schisms. We are waiting for the sequel.

The book is available on Amazon Kindle Also through the website: To join the conversation, please


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