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Gert Guttman was a graduate of architecture from the University of Cape Town and has been in private practice in Tel Aviv since 1964. He was a lecturer at the Technion Haifa from 1966 - 1970, and winner of public design competitions for a mikveh, schools, and old age home.

His works include public buildings such as community centers, schools and kindergartens, sports centers, retirement homes, residential homes for persons with disabilities and elderly immigrants, restoration of preserved buildings, apartment buildings, specialized offices, health centers including Alzheimer and plastic surgery, town planning, houses, and more.

He was born in Konigsberg, Germany, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Israel in 1962 with his wife Merle and daughters.

Gert passed away in 2018

"Dwelling on the Dunes" courtesy of Arch. Nitza Metzger Szmuk.

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