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Willy Meyerowitz 1928 - 2014

Willy Meyerowitz ... studied dentistry

By Karen Modlin, Brenda Dombey, and Ashley Meyerowitz

Our beloved Willy Meyerowitz passed away in July this year.

It is difficult to summarize the life of a cherished parent in a few words and to capture the essence of his life.

He was a man who left his mark on the world not only in his actions and achievements, but especially in his outstanding attributes and quiet, yet powerful, presence. All who knew him were influenced by his high level of integrity and striving for excellence, his quiet and thoughtful manner, his devotion to his family and to the ideals that were dear to him. His was a life of accomplishment, fulfilment and above all, giving to others.

Willy was born in Ficksburg, South Africa on September 21, 1928 to Meyer and Freda. He had one brother, Robert.

He grew up in Bloemfontein and studied dentistry at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. He married Sonia Smith, and set up home and practice in Krugersdorp. They had three children - Karen, Brenda and Ashley.

He was very prominent in the Jewish community in Krugersdorp and was both chairman and treasurer of the shul and was instrumental in the building of the new shul in the town.

In 1968 Willy set up practice in Johannesburg after studying and specializing in Prosthodontics. He reached the height of his specialized field and influenced many with his expertise. He taught dentistry at Wits University and trained many young South African dentists. He was highly respected in his profession and hosted eminent professionals from the USA at conferences which he organized.

In 1979, at the age of 54, Willy immigrated to Israel and rebuilt his life and practice in Ramat Hasharon. His aliyah was an expression of the Jewish and Zionist values he aspired to all his life.

The many patients who passed through his hands are testimony to his devotion to his profession and genuine caring for the welfare of others.

His involvement once again in community needs expressed itself in his activities in the planning stages of Beth Protea. He was involved with ESRA when the first Russian immigrants arrived, and helped with the distribution of magazines and collecting items for ESRA's second hand shops.

His wife Sonia passed away four years after their arrival in Israel. By this time his three children were married and starting families and Willy was fortunate to re-establish contact with Rika Lotzof, whom he had known for many years. They were married in Jerusalem in 1986 and they also worked together until deciding to retire in Netanya opposite the sea. Together they were involved in many activities, enjoyed a full social life and traveled extensively. Willy was a keen bowler and a founder member of the Ramat Hasharon bowling club and later president of the Wingate bowling club in Netanya.

His family life, surrounded by a loving and devoted Rika, his children and six grandchildren, was always full. Just a few months before he passed away he was delighted to welcome two great grandchildren.

Our darling Willy passed away on July 6, just months away from his 86th birthday. He was an example of patience and courage, never complaining of his discomfort.

His legacy of love of life, his sense of humor, love of animals, travel, music, reading and sport, have had a huge impact on us all and his passing is a great loss to his family and friends. We will continue to embrace his values and try to spread the goodwill and kindness that he instilled in us.

May his memory be blessed forever. 



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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