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Well-Deserved Award for Janet

Recogntion at last ... ESRA’s Janet Chait Kiesari receives the framed certificate from Rishon’s Deputy Mayor Moti Ajami. Story and photo by Nina Zuck

At the end of the school year, ESRA was invited to the office of Rishon LeZion's Deputy Mayor, Motti Ajamiin, to report on our activities there and our new project "Students Mentoring Kids" – a partnership between Rishon Municipality, ESRA and Acherai.

Janet Kiesari, ESRA Rishon's chairperson, led the delegation and what a welcome she received. Janet is the epitome of the spirit of ESRA. She is so involved in the city, with the various departments in the municipality and is truly admired by everyone there. She is involved in every activity of ESRA Rishon and has a wonderful group of volunteers working in the knitting group, the day care center, the Darbuka group which the Rishon branch supports from its events and, of course, ESRA Students Mentoring Kids program where she and her volunteers are totally hands on, visiting with the students and kids, supporting the big events and making sure everything runs smoothly.

The Deputy Mayor was delighted to hear of ESRA's many activities in the city and presented Janet with a Certificate Award for the wonderful work she and her ESRA group are doing for Rishon.

Well done Janet! Well done ESRA Rishon leZion! Yashar Koach. 



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Monday, 22 April 2024

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