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Photos by Michael Altman

"People in Colors"

The Kfar Shmaryahu Social Club for Youth with Physical Disabilities*

A dream has been fulfilled.

Our social club group was invited to the broadcasting station at the Netanya Academy College after a workshop on radio communications held at the Center. We were going to present our dreams to 'The World'.

On the evening of May 20, our group entered the building - some on foot and others in wheelchairs - through the narrow corridor and into the broadcasting rooms. What a challenge. Everyone was so excited and happy.

We were eager to sit in front of the microphones. The head sets were placed properly on our heads.

Each one in his turn started telling about his or her dream:

Mattan's dream is to become a poet as well as a singer, and maybe a D.J.

Jonathan is unable to talk, but through his mother we learned that he wants to see the Myumana show on stage.

Shachar, amazing on the computer, would like to exhibit his Photoshop pictures.

Sarit wishes to have only Yossi driving her to the club meetings. She also asked to listen to a song in memory of a dear friend who died recently. Tears covered her face.

Bracha and Eilam's dream has been fulfilled. Bracha managed to visit Eilam in his home. They had a great time together.

Edan was going to talk about his volunteering job in a hospital. Unfortunately he injured his foot and could not participate.

Doron would like to compete in the TV program, 'A Star is Born'. Good luck Doron!

Tommy wants to meet the Barcelona soccer team.

Gilad's dream is to meet Lior Narkis and to sing along with him. He performed a song beautifully.

Ami dreams that Ramat Hasharon high school will win.

Mor wants to become a magician.

Each participant received warm cheers and applause.

Before leaving, we all took pictures together. The happiness was tangible.

No words can describe the experience and feelings felt amongst all who were there.

The radio station's employees and volunteers, the Netanya College employees who saw the group coming (assisting in every way possible), Einat (the professional coordinator of the group), the regular group's volunteers, Leslie and three other wonderful girls who come with Einat, and volunteers Nina Zuck (coordinator of ESRA's community projects), Noga Raz, Mike Altman who was taking photographs and even students passing by were overwhelmed by the youth's enthusiasm and joy.

t was so wonderful to feel with these young adults the experience of being part of the outside world and just being very special for one afternoon.

* In the last 14 years, a club of social activities for physically disabled youth has been meeting weekly in Weil Center, Kfar Shmaryahu. 

I have a dream . . . three of the twelve youngsters who spoke on the air

The youth arrive from all over Sharon county with special transportation suitable to their needs, collecting them from their home and bringing them to and from the club.

ESRA supports the club spiritually and financially. 



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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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