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Vision of Transparency

An Art Exhibition in Netanya

Opening June 5. Closes July 27 

Dalia Ayalon Sinclair — “Intimacy” (detail)

Transparency implies reliability, clarity, a multi-dimensional vision, which enables seeing beyond the eye, underneath the surface and certainly in a different way.

In this exhibition, the artists explore transparency by integrating matter, form and content, by various means and techniques, as well as by combining materials.

Dr Oly Bramson — Vases Through The Glass
Dr. Nurit Cederboum — Between The Cracks

The dialogue within the exhibition ranges from the observer's view to the artist's view, and within the gaze reflected by the work itself. The questions being raised are: does the artist possess a vision of transparency and a greater scope of vision? Is the artist capable of seeing from within, above and beyond? Does the artist seek to present beyond the predictable and the apparent? Does the artist penetrate through the reflection to expose another layer of visibility? Does the work reflect, constitute a reflection, or both?

Chani Elisha — “Transparent But Can See”

The artists attempt to express personal or social situations in various ways, allowing the observers to see far beyond, reveal the hidden and place it in the open, emphasize the vague or duplicated, and present the multitude of various facets of the same thing.

For the artists, the transparency in this exhibition constitutes the ability to play with reality and shape it, view it as transparent, penetrable, and multi-faceted. Some artists present reality as consisting of layers, which are apparent even when they are lain one upon another, or one within the other. Others address transparent figures, whose voice is unheard or has been dulled. They seek to remove their masks and provide them with a voice. The artists address landscape and objects as a metaphor discussing the gaze's significance and nature, by asking who the observers are, how they observe what they see and how; what they are shown and how they interpret this.

Rivka Nevo — “Broken Realities”

Transparency in the sense of revealing and discovery, a different view, beyond what is seen to the eye, as a reflection, multitude and duplication; transparency being a matter, a form and a statement, or to quote one of the artists: "still visible, though transparent".

6The participating artists are: Dr. Oli Bramson, Arik Schneider, Bracha Sherf, David Maccabli, Dalia Ayalon Sinclair, Hanni Elisha, Joseph Kapilian, Mira Stern, Maria Marchenco, Dr. Nurit Cederbaum, Rivka Nevo, Shimon Adler. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Nurit Cederbaum. 

Bracha Sherf — “Transparent Glasses”


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