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The Spiritual Meaning of Soul-Mates

Menorah and Leon Charney, at their grandson’s barmitzvah, July 2006

Menorah, My Soul-Mate 

Menorah was born in South Africa on January 6th 1934. The unusual name Menorah was given to her by her father, as a gift of LIGHT for her to emit in her whole life. He believed that she had a mission to be a LIGHT in this lifetime.

We married in 1953 and made aliyah with three sons in 1961.

For many years, both in South Africa and also in Israel, Menorah did not feel well, but no doctor could find the cause.

After giving birth to a daughter, who now has four young children, she spent much of her time at home. She was an avid reader, but there were hardly any English books available in Savyon where we lived for 43 years, I was working in Tel Aviv and would bring her books in English from bookshops there. One of them was on a "New Age" subject to which she was immediately attracted. There she came across Spiritual Healing for the first time, which completely aroused her interest as well as perhaps offering a solution to her health problem.

In the late sixties, we attended an evening at which spiritual healing, today known as complementary medicine, was demonstrated. There we met two English ladies who introduced us to healing and meditation. They treated Menorah, who was completely healed by them and taught her what spiritual healing was and how to heal people. Menorah became their healing pupil and assistant.

We also joined their meditation evenings. A year later, having been a part of this meditation group regularly, one evening, while meditating in the dark and silence as usual, Menorah suddenly began speaking aloud with a very spiritual message. We were all shaken by this unexpected loud voice and listened for about 10 minutes. This was the beginning for Menorah acting as a "channel" which she continued doing until her last days in "body-form", and then continuing from heaven, regularly channeling messages through our son Daniel.

In 1972, Menorah started her own meditation group, known as MPH Meditation for Peace and Harmony and Creative Living. It all began in our house, in once-a-week meetings and grew quickly as the news spread amongst the spiritually-minded public. It outgrew our lounge and eventually, due to the generosity of a patient and good friend, we built our own MPH Center which contained healing rooms, a large hall for meditation and facilities.

Menorah was accepted as a member of the NFSH – National Federation of Spiritual Healers, headquartered in London with connections worldwide.

This connection brought Menorah into contact with healers from all over the world, resulting in us being invited to international spiritual conferences from Hawaii to New Zealand, London, California etc. In many cases, Menorah was called upon to lead the meditation which sometimes also included a channeled message. We also organized 12 international conferences in Israel, the last one being held in Eilat.

After a short, painful illness, Menorah passed over on April 27, 2010 and her soul went up to heaven. During her last days in bed at home, she called our son Daniel for private discussions which lead him to take over the leadership of the MPH Group. She knew that she was "going over" some six months before it happened, telling me that she was needed "up there" to carry on the high-level heavenly spiritual guidance of mankind.

She was taken to hospital from home for the last time and left her watch on the table by her bed. A few days after she passed over, I looked at her watch. It had stopped at ten to five – exactly the time her soul left her body.

Some months after her departure, she began communicating with Daniel, and also made herself clearly known to me. She explained to us that she was now a very high-level soul in heaven in the form of an ENERGY. She can be at my side, and at the same time appear in millions of other places and people.

My way of making personal communication with her is by calling on her in my mind to be with me, and I can feel physically where she puts her different energies into me. Early on, she explained to us, that she cannot send personal healing from there or help us financially. My way of communication with her is that I ask a question, in my mind of course, and if the answer is YES, her energy touches me somewhere; if NO I feel nothing.

She is always protecting and guiding me, helping me avoid accidents or making life easier.

My unique spiritual experiences with Menorah's soul:

About two years ago she began "doing" physical things around me; miraculous things that are hard to believe. When I tell and show people, they find it hard to accept, even my own family. But knowing me, they understand that I am not making it up and that it really happened.

Here is the first incident: I woke up one morning, opened the window shutter to let the light in, and there was a small statuette of African art standing in front of me on the counter below the window instead of in its usual place high up on a shelf under the ceiling with other similar statuettes. This place is completely unreachable, even by a very tall man, in full daylight. My conclusion is that Menorah was showing me that she can move things anywhere and at any time.

The second incident: A few days later, I took out socks from my drawer, and there I found a strange sock that was not mine with SPORT written on it. Neither I nor anybody in my family have ever had a sock like this. My conclusion is she can bring things into my flat from outside.

The third incident: I collect my Jerusalem Post newspaper early every morning from the doormat outside my front door, but on this particular morning, it was not there and neither was my doormat. I looked at my neighbor`s door, and saw that there was also no newspaper and also no doormat as usual. Along the passage leading to the elevators, up against the wall, were the two newspapers, side by side on top of the two doormats, one on top of the other. My conclusion is that she can also move things outside of my flat.

Two months ago, now 18 months later, occurred the most recent event.

One evening, after loading and operating my washing machine and returning to move the washing to the dryer, there was a pool of pure clean water from the washing machine to the dishwasher about 30 cm wide 2 meters long. I checked all the plumbing including the sink in between, and found no leaks. I pushed the water into the outlet for drainwater in my laundry, and put on another wash. Before going to bed, I again went to move the wash, and there was the same strip of water on the floor. I checked again and pushed the water into the drain. Since then, no water on the floor. My conclusion is that she can make things appear, like this water.

I have never heard or read of things like this happening. Maybe I am the only one with a soulmate who is so high up in heaven that she can do this. FACT!

Clarification: Menorah always knew that we were soul-mates in many previous lives. When she passed over, her body was interred in the Savyon cemetery. As we were walking towards her grave, I felt her soul was above us all the way, until the end of the funeral ceremony. It was so calming that I did not even cry. I have missed her ever since but her soul is always with me. 



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