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Sizzling ‘Superland’

A few words of welcome by project co-ordinator Ma’ayan Fisher Kadrinal. Story and photos by Janet Chait Kiesari

A scorching hot day did not spoil the children's enjoyment at the "Superland" in Rishon leZion.

Some 25 children and their mentors (students in universities and colleges from around this area) had a great time. They came together and it was easy to see the bonding that had formed between them, although the program has only been going for eight months.

A mother of a child with a very difficult medical case came up to me to personally thank ESRA for what this program has done for her daughter and begged that the program continue.

Apart from happy, it was also sad as some of the mentors are leaving the program to continue with their lives. Some had finished their education and were going out to work, some were moving away from this area, while others were continuing their education elsewhere. 

Nina Davis (left) with Ma’ayan Fisher Kadrinal, Social worker and co-ordinator of the project, Rishon LeZion Municipality

There is one special volunteer in this project - Nina Davis. When one of the mentors had to suddenly depart, Nina, who was accompanying a group on behalf of ESRA, stepped in and became not only the ESRA person involved but also the mentor. She, too, received a certificate yesterday. I would like to thank Maayan of Rishon's Municipality Community Social Department who worked splendidly with ESRA. They organized wonderful programs for the mentors to work with. Every six weeks a happening was held topped up by yesterday's finale. 



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Monday, 24 June 2024

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