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Shirley Kirsch: With your passing, birthday breakfasts have been postponed

Breakfast friends: Shirley Kirsch (left) and Rica Goldin

Postscript to a recent obituary of Shirley Kirsch

Dearest Shirley, with your passing, birthday breakfasts have been postponed

I thank you for being my friend as well as family. We can choose our friends so I feel doubly blessed.

I give thanks for your great love, kindness, empathy, understanding – help and support in times of need; at my side on all occasions, celebrations, birthdays – not only in times of stress.

Your love encompassed all around you, family and friends, and others you hardly knew, whom you cared about deeply. Nobody with whom you came in contact could possibly forget. You felt so sad when people suffered, ignoring your own pressing problems.

As Marion has pointed out, you don't walk – you dance, like the dancer you are, gliding along. That's how I shall always see you.
Marion and I, together with you, Shirley, have been meeting for birthday breakfasts in July, August and September for over 15 years. We just about managed to wish you happy birthday for your July birthday, but breakfast has now been postponed indefinitely. Sorry about that.

I've not mentioned your modesty, hiding your light under a bushel – but we know, we don't tell.

You kept on and on, another day, one more day and another. You just kept going on, as long as you managed to.

The years we spent together were all too short, yet full. It was prime time, quality time.

I shall close with your greeting to me: "Enjoy every day."

All my love.

Rica Goldin

Tel Aviv 



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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