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Seeds blow around the world
Forever blowing, forever moving
Searching for ground that will nourish and nurture
And allow the seeds to root and grow
And show the beauty within.
But the winds of war keep blowing
The winds of war that scatter the seeds
In confusion and disarray.

Cry for the ancient seeds of Abraham
Such a hearty seed
Blown and scattered around the world
Planting themselves wherever possible.
Yet never allowing the roots to go too deep
Just deep enough to take up
What nourishment the ground may have to offer.
And the seeds keep moving.

The seeds of Abraham
Have returned to their source
Have put down roots
In the cracked parched desert earth.
Deep roots that challenge the storms
And the winds of war.

From the battered time worn seeds
Grow radiant, new blooms
Watered by tears and sweat.
The winds of war still blow
And the roots grow deeper.

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Sunday, 21 April 2024

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