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Ode to an Eggbeater

Illustration by Denis Shifrin

 If I'm honest with you

I have always been more of a spatula

The universal leveler

quietly smoothing things over

silently scraping the bowl

for every last streak and drop

Left with layers of grit

granules of gone

to sit coated

until cleansed

I am learning to be more eggbeater

The loud click and clack

the rat-a-tat-tat

spinning rotations

exultant exclamations

leaving a trail of foam in my wake

That cold metallic

skinny dip

slide into sticky egg white slip

I won't just stir the pot

I will transform the tranquil

Into frenzied froth

Bubbling yellow bowl

All splatter

And spit

All clack

And click

I am tired of folding things

Into myself

one teaspoon at a time

I want to

cause chaos

gears winding

whisks whirling

body twirling

All froth

and crank


slap and spank

I want to hit the bottom of the bowl

and recoil

rotary and gears

music to my ears

I am done with flat

with combing curves

scraping bottom

of empty things

I am ready for waves

and overflow

Create my own


Just let me go

All whir and whiz

All clack and fizz

Screw even keel

Watch me spin my wheel

I'll level with you:

I could never really get things straight anyhow.

By: Rachel Dorfan



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Sunday, 16 June 2024

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