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At the first meeting of the new Executive Committee: Front row: Terry Morris, Sunny Marshansky (ESRA CEO), Baruch Tanaman, Nella Feldsher (Chairperson), Yolanda Woolf, Richard Halon (Treasurer). Back row: Stephen Jacobs, Barbara Kliner, Avi Troub

Charting a Path to the Future 

Photo by Richard Halon

ESRA's journey is one marked by resilience, love, and a deep commitment to our mission – helping new and veteran immigrants from English-speaking countries to feel right at home in Israel while working towards bridging equity gaps. Our volunteers are the heartbeat of ESRA, embodying our core values of humanity, professionalism, and a relentless pursuit to constant learning. They contribute energy, time, skills, and hearts, which has not only shaped ESRA's identity but has laid the foundation of our legacy of success.

ESRA is a people organization. Simultaneously, we recognize the importance of proper governance for nonprofit organizations. By consistently advancing our infrastructure and platforms, we ensure our adaptability to evolving needs, enhance efficiency, and deliver optimal outcomes for ESRA and its beneficiaries.

As we look ahead, our aspirations for the upcoming year are clear. We aim to elevate member support, consolidate our remarkable growth, and achieve self-sufficiency through well-planned strategic endeavors.

ESRA's new Executive Committee embodies a blend of seasoned volunteers with rich ESRA experience and newcomers with fresh perspectives. This fusion promises to fuel ESRA's continued evolution while paying homage to ESRA's legacy. This continuity and growth exemplify ESRA's enduring dedication to its mission.

Combining their complementary professional expertise and shared beliefs and values, at the heart of this committee lies diversity, reflecting the various backgrounds and experiences within the English-speaking community. This inclusivity ensures a vibrant tapestry of insights that collectively propel ESRA's continued leadership.

As the CEO of ESRA, I feel incredibly fortunate and great responsibility.

Guided by your leadership and the cohesive efforts of our dedicated teams, we are primed to propel ESRA to even greater heights. Together, we embark on a purpose-driven journey, promising ESRA's growth from strength to strength.

Executive members not pictured: Assaf Hasson, Pat Talshir



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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