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Like a Family, ESRA is Expanding

The Beer Sheva ESRA committee (from left) Bob Gilmour, Chairperson Carole Rosenblatt, Susan Gross, Nona Abrahams and Sheila Warshawsky    Photos: Barbara Slater/Stephen Jacobs

ESRA is different things to different people and it shows the best throughout our 21 branches spread-out from Karmiel to Eilat. Each branch has a different character, needs and wants, just like children in a family. ESRA's family has expanded this year and is growing proudly.

Ramat Aviv initiated a joint venture with the Tel Aviv municipality and Rozin Center was introduced to nearly 100 English speakers. Itsuccessfully createda community of predominately families, bringing all of the generations together through a range of activities, such as Story Time Telling and lectures. 

Story time at ESRA’s Ramat Aviv branch

Rehovot launched their new social and cultural center and full yearly program in their new center. The long-awaited home and its wide range of activities has attracted new members and the opening event drew a large group of English speakers from the area.

Rishon Lezion opened their new home for activities and is expanding their mentoring project with the municipality with an added budget forthis successful project.

Ramat Hasharon revitalized the ESRA branch and is delighted that Hertzel Katz agreed to be its chairman. They are actively recruiting volunteers to be involved in our English Tutoring Program in schools (ETP), our Let's Talk Program which brings Hebrew and English speakers together, and a new cultural program for English speakers. 

At the ESRA Ramat Hasharon Branch relaunch evening (from left) Steve Linde, Hertzel Katz, Ramat Hasharon Mayor Avi Gruber and his mother Irene Gruber

Beersheva's new branch opened under the leadership of Carole Rosenblatt. The first meeting of the enthusiastic committee generated a host of ideas for activities and projects, with Nina Zuck providing guidance and encouragement. The branch is now evaluating three possible projects, each of which will highlight the benefits of ESRA to the community, and will serve to attract new members

Northern branches have successfully joined together and have a representative on the Travel Committee to initiate trips and gatherings for the northern English speakers. 



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Wednesday, 29 March 2023

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