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Ladies Find the Right Balance

The exercise class takes a well-deserved break

Irith Langer, an ESRA volunteer from Switzerland, runs a unique program at the community center in East Netanya for a mixed group of 16 women from all nationalities in the area – Ethiopian, Yemenite, Polish, Moroccan, European, African, As long as your body needs exercise, you're welcome to join!

The women meet weekly for an hour or more for exercise and body balancing activities. Irith combines different methods of exercise depending on age, physical limitations and even mood of the moment. Each participant receives individual attention, always with a smile, always with shared laughter, mischief and fun – the whole group is right behind her.

Irith's professionalism and dedication to the group make us forget, sometimes, that she is in fact a volunteer – the only in-lieu payment she gets is the once a year collection we make for a donation to ESRA.

Rhythmical music plays in the background - usually from Africa. We all sway to the beat, enjoy ourselves immensely and try not to miss a single meeting.

The beginning of the year was difficult – we moved the group from Hefzibah, where Irith had been working with only Ethiopian women, to the larger community center in order to integrate more women and more nationalities into the group. At first we were only two pupils. We did not have a fixed room and often had our activities in the park next to the center.

However, very soon, the word spread: a friend came and then she brought another, an aunt, a cousin, more friends – and here we are today - 16 women working and laughing together, all from totally different backgrounds, all enjoying each other – and mostly, of course, Irith. We also have a lovely hall in the Neot Shaked Community Center and are looking forward to many years of good health, good friends and wonderful exercise with Irith.

With love and appreciation, Alona

Getting to grips in Netanya with body balancing and exercise


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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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