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I Write Because it Makes me Feel Right

Photo credit: Charles J

I write because I always proofread and correct others

I write because correcting others is so unappreciated.

I write because I once heard a visiting medical exchange

student tell me his goal in life was not to become a doctor, 

but to become a writer – it took him 9 years but he did it.

I don't write poems because I have never been able to

appreciate poems.

I would like to write a book about signs with typos and funny 

expressions which I have been collecting all over the world.

I write in Swedish because that is my mother tongue.

I write in English because that is the language of my dreams.

I write in Hebrew because that is the language of God.

I write using cloud computing because it gives me the

feeling of being in the sky close to God.

I write in order to be understood.

I write because I am a second generation holocaust

survivor imbued with the notion that you must write in

order to be remembered.

I write because Anne Frank wrote a diary and that's why

everyone remembers her today.

I write because I would like to try to understand how man 

can commit such unspeakable crimes as the holocaust, 

the Ruanda and Cambodia massacres, and 9/11.

I write to still the hunger I feel for books and to get the

books out of my system.

I write because I don't understand what I think until I

write it down.

I write out of love for writing and out of love for

being loved.

I write because I love language.

I write because words make the world spin.

I write because I hate white space.

I write in black and white because my sons are partly

color blind and I wouldn't want them to miss a word.

I write on a computer because all my pencils broke and

my pens dried up.

I write because I am not yet a writer.

I write because being an engineer at heart, I like

formatting texts and playing with fonts.

I write because my first piece, a book review, has been

accepted for publication.

I write to feel alive.

I write to find inner peace 



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Thursday, 25 July 2024

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