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‘I’ll drive a Bus or a Taxi!’ says Oleh Morris, 89

We’ve arrived ... Eitte and Morris Silber in Raanana

Fulfilling a lifetime's dream by making aliyah to join their family in Israel are 89-year-old Morris Silber and his wife Ettie, 85, of Johannesburg.

The couple will be staying with their children Alan and Diane Silber and their four grandchildren in Raanana.

The Silbers say they are excited and keen to start the next phase and new adventure in their lives.

Morris, as young spirited as ever, has said that he is not coming to Israel to retire, but is looking for a job – a bus or taxi driver!

Meanwhile, Ettie is looking forward to a new circle of friends and to joining a kaluki group. She has spent many years practicing the skills of card playing.

Alan and Diane made aliyah 17 years ago, and their home is as open today as it was in South Africa, especially on Shabbatot and Chaggim.

Alan flew to Johannesburg to help with packing and attend to all the logistical work and admin, and will fly with Morris and Ettie when they make the journey to Israel.

Both have said that making aliyah is a huge adjustment in their lives, but believe it is the right thing for them to do.

The couple have a married daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Johannesburg and a married son, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Canada.

"The years of travelling to be with family in other places are over for us. Now that we will be in the center of the world, they will all be able to visit us in our new home in Israel," say Morris and Ettie.

In Johannesburg, Gabi Baker said she will miss her grandparents and is motivated for her and husband Mark to think about joining them in Israel as soon as possible.

The Silbers will also be missed by the Johannesburg community and by members of the Sydenham Highlands North Synagogue, where they have been members for more than 70 years. 



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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

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