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Illustration by Denis Shifrin

I've been getting steamed up about what to do with my old kettle

I have just bought a new electric kettle. Kettles usually last me about three years and I have found that there is very little difference in usage whether I buy a cheap one or an expensive one. The question is now what to do with the old one. Where do I throw it away? The Herzliya municipal 106 service told me to take it to the main recycling depot by the train station. However, my reaction to this suggestion was that I doubt if many people would get into their cars or take a bus to this main depot just to throw away an old electric kettle or other small item such as an iron, electric blender etc. I did get the phone number of the Herzliya Recycling Department - …..

When the bank details are lost in translation

I recently made the error of asking Bank Discount if I could receive via their branch computer my statement of account in English. This meant that I would also receive it via my computer in the same format. However, I have found that there are far fewer details given in the English version than in the Hebrew one. For the majority of debits, such as credit cards, they write simply "Direct Debit", whereas in Hebrew they will list the particular debit, such as "Leumi Card" – municipality, water etc.

Double check the small print before you sign up as a supermarket member

I recently joined the "Family" of Yeinot Beitan supermarket. They also own Kimat Hinam (Almost Free). Be careful to double check the information given you by the person who signs you on as a member.

1. There is a monthly charge of NIS 14.90 for having their credit card, which is Visa-Cal (and the first year is not free, as I was told). However, if you charge at least NIS 800 a month on this card, then there is no monthly fee.

2. Their very big "come-on" discounts are mainly only one-time for new members. However, there are also a few special discounts each month specifically for current members. Further, there is a 3% refund on every sum spent at Yeinot Beitan when you pay with your Visa-Cal membership credit card. This 3% automatically gets deducted on your credit card with each debit.

You need to read very carefully their notifications of the monthly discounts within their branches so as not to get confused by what is due to you as a member and what deductions are the ONE-TIME ones for new members.

3. Their special discounts for members are from the 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month.

4. If you shop there on a normal basis, then I think it is definitely worthwhile becoming a member.

Where to XL yourself if hubby is after a new sweater . . .

This is the name of a shop in Tel Aviv that sells men's clothing from size 3XL upwards . We went looking for 2XL sweaters that are almost impossible to find in most men's clothing shops and in Big Men they did not have anything small enough for my husband! Their shop is in Tel Aviv at 18 Nachlat Yitzhak Street (also called Mozes St.) Tel: 054 216 1732. It is part of a mall under two high apartment buildings. There is parking under the buildings. If you buy something, then parking is free.

Cutting boards

It is recommended to use separate cutting boards for meat products only and other boards for all other foodstuffs. It is also recommended to put the plastic cutting boards in your dishwasher from time to time. I usually pour boiling water on my boards, both plastic and wood, in particular after cutting raw meats on the plastic one.

Do shorter dates mean the food isn't as fresh?

Lately I have noticed that on many items I purchase at supermarkets, the expiry dates are getting shorter and shorter, which makes me wonder if the quality of our foodstuffs is also getting less and less reliable!

How to get a price cut on internet costs

"…Recently Bezeq called to offer their Internet providing service without increasing the price of their subscription to their landline connection. My answer was that if they could offer an additional service for free it must be because they were charging too much, upon which with some argumentation I immediately got a reduction of the subscription price. I then turned to my Internet service provider, Netvision, and told them about the Bezeq offer, upon which they reduced their price by more than 50%.

So this is a good reminder: wherever you have a subscription (e.g. mobile phone) – call them at frequent intervals and ask for a reduction. Most often it works." Werner Bachman 



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Thursday, 30 March 2023

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