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18 venues take part in the third ESRA national quiz 
Photos by Mike Altman, Cynthia Barmor, Ronni Cole, David Shulman and Peta Singer. 

The third annual quiz took place on Tuesday evening, December 27, 2016. Once again ESRA united many branches up and down the country with 18 venues. The venues were more varied this year from Kibbutz Degania to Eilat. And this year the Tel Aviv event took place in the Gina Gallery of Naïve Art in Dizengoff Street, graciously hosted by Dan Chill, owner of the gallery. 

Shulmans, Raanana
Netanya quiz host Nancy Kramer asks the questions
The Young, Haniel
Masterminds, Modiin
Magnificent, Tel Aviv
Degania Bet
Brushing up on his general knowledge ... Steven Rose a member of the ESRA Netanya team

Even though it was a close contest, Netanya was the winner.

The questions were expertly compiled by Ralph Barnet from Modiin and Brian Fink from Karmiel. Neil Spungin from Kfar Yona created two pages of cryptic questions. David Shulman from Raanana proofread the 80 plus questions and added some of his own intriguing questions to make the whole quiz come together, and he was also invaluable in the computerized scoring. A huge thank you to all of them for their help.

Looking forward to 2017 when we hope to have even more venues where everyone can just have a fun evening whilst raising much-needed funds for ESRA projects.


"Thanks for a fun evening."

Peta Singer, Degania Bet

"It was great fun."

Mimi Daniely, Herzliya

The Netanya branch seems to be made up of some very different people and it was remarkable how people found the answers. Even I was surprised that I knew a few so my family was not completely disgraced.

Mike Altman, Netanya

"A hearty thanks to Glenis (and her helpers) for the amazing questions and the organization involved."

Henry Ben Ezra, Netanya

"What a super evening! Well done to you and all who helped arrange it. It was such fun and, as they say: I don't care who wins Orioles, but we sure played the game! Thanks and look forward to the next one."

Nina Zuck, Netanya

"Well done to whoever wins the highest number of correct answers, but we were all winners - the participants - because we had a fun evening and people will benefit from the funds raised. Well done to Glenis and her team (Lawrence!) for organizing a great evening."

Miriam Crosbie, Petach Tikva

"Many thanks for all the hard work you put in."

Susan & Stephen Maltz, Ramat Hasharon

"We had a fun evening, even though team Tanaman did not win. I think I will get someone else to be the quiz master next year so that I can help our team lose. Thank you for all of the hard work setting this up. Thank you to all of the team hosts for participating and making this an evening of fun and fundraising for ESRA's projects."

Baruch Tanaman, Raanana

"It was a real fun night even though we had only six in the team. All the best. Looking forward to next year!"

Joseph Beenstock, Ramat Aviv 



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