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Chanukah Party had Loads of ‘Surprizes’

Now that’s magic ... Malcolm Solomon entertained the audience

The Chanukah party started when Melvyn Sandler (chairman) welcomed the more than 40 people who attended. They had been handed a song sheet and a bag of golden chocolate coins.

Merton Finegold lit the Chanukah candles and recited the blessing, and then the Chanukah songs,including those from the song sheet,were sung by all.

Our entertainer Malcolm Solomon kept us all amused and baffled with his magic tricks and Jewish jokes. Many thanks to him for not wanting any compensation for his expenses and travel costs.It was real justice that Malcolm's wife Barbara won the beautiful hand crocheted bed rug made and donated by Marsha Ohayon.

After Malcolm's performance, I conducted the raffle. It was an exciting time, especially when I (who had bought eight tickets) unexpectedly won the two free entrance tickets to the Haifa Zappa Club, which had been donated by the Finegolds and the Zappa Club. 

Prize ... Marsha Ohayon’s bed rug

Two lucky people were happy to each win an original watercolor painting donated by my wife Marion, who was then lucky enough to win the original ceramic cockerel made and donated by Doreen Finegold.

Many books were donated and many were sold at nominal prices.

The 50 kosher, extra large decorated doughnuts were then served and were a big success and much appreciated. The pleasant evening came to a good conclusion.

Entrance was free for ESRA members and visitors either joined ESRA or paid NIS30 entrance fee.A moderate amount of money, with no expenses deducted, was raised for ESRA HAIFA.

A big thank you to Doreen and Marsha for organizing our ESRA HAIFA Chanukah party and to all the other committee members who also did their share. Also thanks to the donors of raffle prizes and books. 



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Tuesday, 28 March 2023

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