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Bin There and Done That

I was always interested in collecting things - stamps, coins, dirt and bottles. I also loved art and as a young man studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. My wife, Eve, shared my love for art.

We became part-time antique dealers. We would travel throughout the United States and Europe looking for items. Outside London there was an outdoor flea market called The Thieves Market. It opened at 3:30am and a torch (flashlight) was needed to see any chips or cracks in the pottery. You could not be arrested for buying stolen items since it was too dark to see.

We would take our items back to the U.S. and sell them with other miscellaneous items at monthly shows. Customers would ask us where we found these items and I would say my partner was at their home right now.At the shows we would meet other dealers. Before the show opened and after it closed dealers would shop the booths looking for items to resell. It was not unheard of for shady dealers to "borrow" items from unattended booths.

We specialized in pottery such as Rookwood, Roseville, and our first love, Moorcroft. We were known as "Moorcroft Eve and Bob". Eve passed away a few years ago and my desire to continue doing shows also passed. I am now 80 but my love for art and antiques is still alive.

Bob pictured enjoying a beer in a London pub

P.S. Bin diving is going into bins of garbage looking for silver flatware that was mistakenly thrown out.

Bob Adelman is a retired Chicago businessman who also dealt in the antique trade. In return for airfare and a light meal he will be happy to appraise your treasures. He would also love to shop your home when you're not there.



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Wednesday, 04 October 2023

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