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Bad Drivers Worse than Terrorists

 I implore you – do something about our roads and drivers.

I am sure you agree with me on this but would like it to go out to all your members, who read the wonderful ESRA Magazine.

One is more likely to get injured or killed on the roads in Israel than by a terrorist attack, as so many people experience each day.

Please, can each and every one of you help stop this by writing to the Ministry of Transport. For those of you, who know influential or official people in Israel, bring it to their attention and have meetings with them.

I made aliyah to Israel nearly ten years ago after driving 40 years in the UK. I took my test here and passed first time, but I cannot drive on the roads in Israel due to the very bad drivers changing lanes, speeding up, and not having any common courtesy. I feel that we are the older generation, but now we must do something about this for our children and grandchildren.

The speed on the high roads is much too high, in some places 90 kilometers; side road drivers are driving without caution as if they were on the highway.

A few weeks ago, in England, a severe punishment was given to drivers who were texting or using their phones when driving. In Israel, it is imperative to have more speed cameras - and drivers would be fined.

On leaving Herzliya from the beach road and going on to the Namir Road, no one will let you get over to the left-hand side of the road. Something needs to be done before more accidents occur.

I implore you all to do something about this before more innocent people are killed!.

We all enjoy living in Israel, and we can't help it when the terrorists strike, but we can help to teach our own people to drive better - we need to leave this as a legacy for the future generation.

Linda Gill
Ramat Aviv



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Wednesday, 07 June 2023

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