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A Classroom Revolution

Youngsters taking part in the event at the Toldot Raanana Center. Photos by Mike Shribman

On January 18th, the Education Department of Raanana Municipality launched a revolutionary project named "Raanana English Day" to help 5th and 6th grade pupils improve their spoken English. The idea was the brainchild of Dorit Frenkel, who heads the municipality's Education Department for Primary Schools.

The idea was to give native English-speaking pupils in these classes tools they could later use with their classmates to encourage them to speak English. Each of the 16 junior schools in Raanana was invited to choose up to five pupils to take part in a one-time event which took place at the Toldot Raanana Center in Golomb Street. 

Raanana Mayor Zeev Bielski with volunteer tutors (from left) Fanny Pokroy, Mike Shribman, Rita Rubin, Marjorie Glick, Wendy Goldstein.

ESRA was invited to send ten volunteer tutors to monitor the 75 pupils participating in the event. The pupils were divided into ten groups with an ESRA tutor at each table. The pupils at each table were from different schools and each in turn presented the subject which had been allocated and prepared at school prior to the event. In this way, a pool of ideas covering a range of everyday topics with vocabulary items was shared, to be used later to help their Hebrew speaking classmates speak English. The pupils' presentations reflected the great effort they'd put into preparing their board games and other activities. There was also a treasure hunt.

There were two sessions of an hour each, with a break for refreshments and a magician who delighted the pupils,teachers and organizers alike.

Ida Copelovici with her certificate.
Cheryl Tuvyahu with the Mayor

At the end of the morning, the mayor of Raanana, Zeev Bielski, praised the project and presented each participant with a certificate. Pride of place went to our tutors whose contribution was acknowledged and appreciated by all.

The tutors themselves reported that they had thoroughly enjoyed the morning and felt very privileged to have taken part.

The importance of the role played by ESRA tutors who go into schools on a weekly basis to help weaker pupils with their English studies cannot be underestimated.Currently there are thirteen schools in Raanana clamoring for our tutors to assist their pupils. Although we have an impressive number of forty-six tutors currently assisting pupils under the guidance of the schools' English teachers, the demand is much greater than we can supply.

So please join us in this win-win program which benefits pupils and gives volunteers so much satisfaction.

No teaching/tutoring experience is required. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: 052 250 5433 



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