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Zipporah Porath is a free-lance writer/ editor/ and publications consultant. Born and educated in the USA, she arrived in pre-state Israel in 1947 on a one-year scholarship to the Hebrew University. Caught up in the War of Independence, she joined the underground Haganah, served as a medic during the siege of Jerusalem and in the fledgling Israel Air Force, and has been living in Israel ever since. Her eyewitness account of the war and the birth of the state, “Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948,” as well as her monograph on “Col. David (Mickey) Marcus”, Israel’s West Point General, have been widely acclaimed. Zipporah is a popular lecturer, who brings history alive for study missions and youth groups in Israel and abroad. She is a prominent member of the World MACHAL Committee, which represents overseas volunteers in the Israel Defense Forces. (

Zipporah’s mother, Selma J. Borowsky

One of her mother's letters home

"Letters from Jerusalem 1947-1948"

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