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Zachary Taylor was born and raised in Canada. He earned his doctorate in 2011 while studying Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Upon completion of his doctorate he and his wife spent nearly two years living in Tel Aviv. While in Tel Aviv he furthered his research in turbulence at the Tel Aviv University courtesy of an Azrieli International Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He now resides in Montreal, Quebec and serves as a consultant in a wind engineering firm.

A sunrise over Makhtesh Ramon

The beach at Tel Aviv.

Zachary Taylor and his wife Lisa pictured in Jerusalem

I can still remember sitting on the couch with my then fianc...
Prof Weihs correctly predicted a critical speed above which dolphins jump out of the water to improve their swimming efficiency.  Photo: Courtesy of

The Israeli stamp featuring nano-parachutes

A small world ... a nano-parachute compared to a household battery

 Distinguished Professor Daniel Weihs at the Technion I...
A lionfish photographed by Shulamit Koretz, a diving instructor from Shulamit’s Eilat Diving Adventures, on a scuba dive with the author

A bluegill sunfish about to catch its prey (the bright object) in Dr. Holzman’s laboratory experiment.

The Red Sea is one of the oldest known bodies of water in th...