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Steve Kramer moved to Israel with his wife and two young sons in 1991 from Margate, NJ. After working for years in the beer distribution business in America, Steve had several jobs in Israel before retiring in 2008. Since 1995, Steve has written a weekly opinion column for the Jewish Times of southern N.J. ( His articles now appear in 3 e-papers: Times of Israel (blogs), ISRAELSEEN, and San Diego Jewish Times

The Hebrew name of Adonai, inscribed on the keystone of the Santa Fe cathedral at the request of a major (Jewish) benefactor

Typical Pueblo Indian-influenced architecture in Santa Fe

The Western movie style lobby of the venerable El Rancho Hotel in Gallup NM, reminiscent of a fancy ski lodge

When Jordi was just ten years old, his grandfather said, "Th...
Mt Arbel in Israel’s Galilee region - view from the top

A beautiful ESRA hike

The metal handholds are essential for climbers to scramble up the ascent

On a recent gorgeous winter day, I joined the ESRA hike to M...
Synagogue bima in Peki'in

Rose Haran, Margalit Zinati, and Michal Kramer

Akko’s ancient city walls

Just before Chanukah, we drove to the Upper Galilee on beaut...
Hedy Lamarr ... she invented technology used in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Becoming Cary Grant

Drummer band entertains in Jerusalem. Photo: Steve Kramer

Teheran Taboo

Perhaps the most outstanding event in Jerusalem every July i...
A 3D video statue in the Hall of Dreamers

Inside the hall of Visionaries at the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem

Zion is a synonym for Jerusalem and for Israel. Zionism is t...
A walk on the wild side ... strolling through Ramat Menashe’s beautiful natural scenery.  Story and photos by Steve Kramer

Best foot forward ... enjoying the ESRA hike.

Prickly but pretty ... an example of cacti to be found in Ramat Menashe

ESRA had a beautiful hike in Ramat Menashe during the interm...
Yeruham Park and Lake

Crocuses hidden between the rocks

The guide, Reuven, and hikers at the summit

Story and photographs by Steve Kramer  The ESRA Hiking ...
Photos: Avi Noam and Ardon Bar-Hama

Psalm 137 appears in Jewish prayer books as the preface to the ‘Grace After Meals’ on weekdays

We recently enjoyed the new exhibit at the Bible Lands Museu...

The founder of Bat Shlomo

Food, glorious food . . . in the Schwartzmann farm store

It was on a beautiful spring day that our hiking group set o...
During the second half of the 20th century, Hiriya (above) was Tel Aviv’s garbage dump

An observation point in Tel Aviv’s Ariel Sharon Park

Did you know that metropolitan Tel Aviv has a park that is b...