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Sarice Holley was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She came to live in Israel with her family in 1995. After eight years the family moved back to the States, however, in 2006, after Sarice graduated from high school, she decided to move back to Israel to join the Israel Defense Force.

After her army service, Sarice worked and traveled like many Israelis her age. When she returned from her post military adventures she moved to Jerusalem to attend a pre-university preparation course at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University to improve her Hebrew and prepare for life science studies. A year later she began her bachelors degree at Tel Hai Academic College in the Upper Galilee where she studied Nutritional Science.

Sarice says about herself: “I am a science graduate but a language and culture enthusiast at heart. Today, while I am waiting on my Dietetic internship to become a licensed Clinical Dietitian, I teach English, translate articles, play rugby and luckily have more time to focus on writing which is something I wish to pursue as well.”

“You are welcome”, writes Sarice, “to follow my up and coming blog - -where I will be writing about my thoughts, adventures, simple DIYs and also my experiences as a "coco" girl in the holy land.

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Photo: Avgar Idan

Writer Sarice Holley (in red top) with fellow rugby playing friends (from left) Roni Kipnis, Melanie Kraus and Michal Taraboulos. Says Sarice: “We all started playing at the same time five years ago in Jerusalem, and now we play in different teams.”

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