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Robin Froumin has an M.A. in History and Archeology (Haifa University, 2011) and a B.A. (Bar Ilan University). He is currently studying for his Ph.D. at Haifa University in Early Christianity in North Africa.
Robin was born in the UK in Ilford, Essex in 1945. He immigrated to Israel in 1960 together with his parents and sister. After marrying Jackie (also from England), they lived and worked in Tel Aviv. In 1974 they joined Kibbutz Neve Eitan in the Beit Shean Valley (now called Emek Hamayanot), and stayed there until 2003, after which they moved to Hadera.
The Froumins have four children and six grandchildren, all living in Israel.

All aboard ... a train about to leave Jerusalem for Jaffa in 1910

A modern Israeli engine

Waiting for the train ... a photo of Jaffa Station in the mid to late 1890s

At the centenary celebrations of railways in Israel, held at...