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Nat Gordon was born in 1944 in Edinburgh, Scotland - to a religious family from a Lithuanian shtetl. His father had a second-hand carpet shop which was never opened on Saturdays so he could keep Shabbat.

Nat studied accountancy (a profession where Shabbat working was not essential) but at age 28 was able to change and qualify into the personnel profession.

He came to live in Israel and was married in Jerusalem in 1977.

In 1982 he founded the Marksman Personnel Company, the first and still the leading employment agency specializing in jobs for English speakers and Multilinguals.

In the 30 years managing Marksman he has helped many hundreds of Anglos find jobs and has tried to help many choose meaningful careers. He believes it is relatively easy to find a job but much more difficult to choose the right career.

He has four children, all Sabras, all living in Israel, and ten grandchildren.

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In most of the interviews I have had with job seekers in the...