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Nancy Tamir was born in Milwaukee, WI and emigrated from the US to Israel in 1964.  Since then it has been a series of adventures for her.  Her work experience was teaching English to high ranking officers in the IDF for many years, and in her words “It was a privilege to do so”.

Nancy suffered from severe Emphysema, with little hope of survival.  On June 17th, 2001 her life began again after a successful lung transplant performed by Professor Cramer from Beilinson Hospital. Nancy went on to earn 19 gold medals for swimming in the European Olympics for Lung/Heart Transplantees. After the transplant she began taking writing courses and on March 29, 2012 her book "Butterflies and Bombs" was published on eight different E- books.

Nancy is very involved with the Caesarea Residents Committee and she loves it. She has nine granddaughters and one grandson – “King of the Crop he is!”

Making tracks from Modiin to Neve Shalom.      Photo: Yoav Dothan, Wikipedia

On the trail . . . Nancy Tamir (second row, in pink) with her family

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