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Michele Klein was born in London, UK, grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, gained a B.Sc in Psychology from University College London, a Certificate of Education from the University of Cambridge, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from London Universitys London Hospital Medical College.  Volunteering has been part of her life since her teenage years and includes her help for the elderly, children with special needs, and new immigrants in Israel from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Before coming to live in Israel in 1977, she worked as a psychologist for Meldreth Manor School, run by Britains Spastic Society. In Israel, she has devoted herself to her family, volunteered on school PTAs, and spent nine years as an active Board member of Wing of Love, a nonprofit organization that strives to rehabilitate young offenders. She volunteers at the nonprofit organization,  "A New Way", working to promote respectful dialogue and friendships between Jewish and Arab children in Israeli schools.

Michele has authored three books, including the National Jewish Book Award prize winner A Time to be Born: Customs and Folklore of Jewish Birth (JPS, 1998, 2000). She served as guest curator for two exhibitions based on this book: an online exhibition, a joint production for the Judah L. Magnes Museum at Berkeley, California, and Tel Aviv Beth Hatefutsoth Museum, and a temporary exhibition with real art and artifacts at The Jewish Museum London. She also curated an exhibition on the art of Havdalah for Bar Ilan University. Over the years, she has published some thirty features about childbirth and midwifery, addressing psychological and social issues. Another book, Not to Worry: Jewish Wisdom and Folklore (JPS, 2003) draws on her knowledge of both psychology and Judaism.

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