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Judith Yalon Fortus was born in London UK and schooled in Llwyn-y-Bryn High School for Girls, Swansea, South Wales. She graduated from Tel Aviv School of Interpreters, 1963. She was a member of Habonim in Swansea since circa 1950; of Hachsharat Noar and Hachshara - David Eder Farm, Sussex, 1956 – 1958. She immigrated to Israel in 1957, together with her brother Philip, as a member of Garin Heh, to Kfar HaNassi. She served in the IDF from 1958 – 1960. She was employed as a Hebrew-English translator in the Prime Ministers Office, Luboshitz Kasierer & Co., Certified Public Accountants and in "Globes", Israels Business Newspaper.

Today Judith is a self - employed Hebrew-English translator specializing in law and finance. She is currently translating a book on genocide for the Open University. She is a dabbler in "verse and worse", mostly for friends and family birthdays.

The books Judith has translated include: "Strategic Thinking - Game Theory with Economics & Business Applications", Prof. Aviad Heifetz, Cambridge University Press, 2012; "China Economics vs. the West - Bsor

Formula for Managing the Trade Conflict", Giora Bsor, 2010; "Lightless Vision" by Rebecca Slutzkin, Docostory Ltd.

2008; "His Majestys Enemies", Itamar Levin, Praeger Publishers, Greenwood Publishing Group, 2001; "Helene", Chaya Nordheim, Docostory Ltd.; "Economy & Society Israel 1989" - edited by Prof. Yosef Gross, Seven Days Ltd.; "Israel Business and Taxation" - Luboshitz, Kasierer & Co., Certified Public Accountants, Tel Aviv, 1988; "Taxes in Israel - a Review for the Foreign Investor, Luboshitz, Kasierer & Co., Certified Public Accountants, Tel Aviv, 1988; "Land of the Hart", Arie (Lova) Eliav - Jewish Publication Society of America, 1974.

Her son and daughter and their children all live in Israel.

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