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Judith Sternfeld was born New York City in 1949, and educated in New York City public schools. She was always involved in community volunteer work and won Knights of Pythias High School Graduation Award for Highest Community and School Service. She graduated with a BA in English Literature and Biology from Harpur College Binghamton New York (1969); an MA in Behavior Disabilities from the University of Wisconsin , Madison; and a Master of Science in Social Work (1975).  She has a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychomotor Therapy from New York Medical College(1978).  She has American Board Certification as a Dance Movement Therapist  and a Social Work Accreditation in New York State and Israel Member of YAHAT (Israel Association of Creative Arts Therapists)  and  Social Worker.  From 1976-2006 Judith worked as Social Worker and Rehabilitation Counselor in a State Psychiatric Hospital and in New York City Board of Education.   

Judith was a summer research student at Weizmann Institute in Rehovot in 1969, and at WUJS Institute Arad Israel in 1970. In 1971 she did a retraining course in Vocational Counseling given by the Israeli Ministry of Labor and was later employed by them. She has an Israel Certificate in Teaching Israeli Folk Dance. She has danced all her life, is a specialist in Isadora Duncan Dance and Creative Movement to Increase Joyful  Living.  

She and her husband came to live in Israel in 2009, to Kfar Saba.   050 287 7735

In Israel, after Holocaust Day, the Israeli flags start to a...