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Inge David was born in Germany, and educated in the United States. She has a degree in Physical Therapy from the US and worked in a private practice and in a school for handicapped children.

She came to live in Israel in 1985. She worked many years as Physical Therapist in various retirement homes. She is currently working 2 mornings/week leading an exercise class in a retirement home and 3 mornings/week at the Herzliya Country Club leading water exercise classes. She also works at home giving holistic massage.

Her volunteer activities in ESRA include: tutoring English tutor at the Dor High School; spending one evening with the Social Group of youth with disabilities in Kfar Shmaryahu; proofreading ESRA Magazine and Magazine delivery.

She is also treasurer of the local Hadassah Chapter, active in her shul, weekly visits to the sick and shut-ins, and bakes cookies for a trampiada for soldiers.

Inge has 2 married children, 6 grandchildren (2 of whom are married) and 2 great grandchildren living in San Francisco.

Photo: Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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Packing celery into boxes

Inge sorting the carrots at Leket

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Inge David receiving an ESRA Volunteers Award in 2016

Inge David taking an exercise class at the Vera Salomons Retirement Center, Kfar Saba

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Yankee Doodle: Inge David’s Thanksgiving party looks dandy. Photo: Or Hayoun

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Then and now: Pretty, snow-filled grounds in Nuernberg, home to Hitler’s Nazi Party rallies of the 1930s Photo credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-C12701. Photos: Inge and Daniel David

The bright lights of the Nuernberg's Christmas market

Rooftop view over Nuernberg

Inge David with Dieter Haspal, the grandson of her father’s business partner, and his wife, also called Inge

Brass plate memorials to German Jews who were deported to concentration camps and murdered by the Nazis

Plaque showing what a synagogue in Nuernberg looked like before the Nazis destroyed it in August 1938

Daniel on the Rhine cruise

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