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Amy Avgar was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts.  She holds and BA in history and an MA in Jewish studies from Brandeis University and a Phd in sociology from the Hebrew University.  After coming to live in Israel in the 1970s, Amy married and raised three children.  She was founder of the Israel Association for the Advancement of Women’s Health, an organization that she directed from 1990 until 2005. Today Amy translates and edits academic articles and coaches Israeli students on admission to American universities.

Kassar Al Yahud, a Christian baptismal site, north of the Dead Sea on the banks of the Jordan

Poet Kaila Shabat (left) with ESRA Dead Sea trip organizer Val Kantor

David Levy

Breathtaking, primeval, serene and stunning On the short rid...
Busy at work... Sharon Barnett, Director of PHR primary care clinic in Jaffa

At the age of 54, Sharon Barnett made a dramatic decision to...
Photo Credit:

By Amy Avgar, Carl Hoffman, Jack Nussbacher, Judy Shapiro, M...
Annelise Lowi and her brother Hanns cycling in the forest in the Spring of 1938

She’s leaving home ... Liesel with Hanns and Mutti before being sent to England

The family business in Schwerin before Kristallnacht

After seeing above photo of Liesel and Hanns, she chose Liesel

Dolly Levy in the summer of 1939

Bob Rodney aged 25, and just out of the Army

We are family ... Chanita Rodney pictured alongside her grandchildren in 1996

Married 40 years ... with husband Bob Rodney on their ruby wedding

 After Kristallnacht, little Liesel was abducted and ab...
“Hebrew has undergone more rapid changes than other languages” – Professor Ruth Berman

Professor Ruth Berman is passionate about her field of lingu...