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Aliza Shapiro was born in 1925 in Munich, Germany. On December 22, 1938 her father was released from Dachau concentration camp where he had been taken on Kristallnacht. On the same day Aliza and other Jewish children were expelled from school.

In January 1939 Aliza and her sister Bobby left Germany for France where they stayed with their aunt and uncle who lived in Metz. And then on August 30, 1939 they travelled to England to join their parents.

In England they had to learn English, lived through the Blitz, evacuation, rationing, finding out about boys and growing up very quickly. Aliza came to love England but by 1948 she had learnt about Zionism and on August 8, 1948 she decided to come to Israel

There are of course more chapters in her life, a stint in Kenya, her marriage, her children, her training and 45 yearsexperience as a marriage guidance counselor and psychotherapist.

Aliza Shapiro in 1951

David Ben-Gurion signs the Declaration of lndependence. Photo: Flickr - Government Press Office

Aliza Shapiro pictured in 2013

My life changed during the night of October 29, 1947, as my ...