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Alan M. Schneider is Director of the B’nai B’rith World Center in Jerusalem, a position he has held since 1989. A native of Brooklyn NY, Mr. Schneider immigrated to Israel in 1972 and completed his secondary education at Yeshiva High School “Midrasheat Noam” in Pardes Hanna in 1977. He served in the Israeli Army from 1977-80 and currently serves as a sergeant major in an active reserve combat unit. Mr. Schneider completed his law studies at Bar Ilan University in 1984. He has been a member of the Israel Bar from 1985 and a member of the New York Bar since 1988. He was a law associate at the office of O’Connor and Hannan in Washington in 1986 and was Assistant Director of the New York Regional Office of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith from 1987-88. 

Alan Schneider is the 1996 recipient of the B’nai B’rith Bisno Award for Outstanding Professional Excellence. He has initiated many innovative projects in Israel and collaborative efforts with B’nai B’rith members around the world. These have included an annual journalism award for excellence in Diaspora reportage, an annual ceremony commemorating Jews who rescued fellow Jews during the Holocaust and sustained cooperation with Israeli humanitarian organizations. He is a member of the steering Committee of President’s Forum on the Diaspora, a member of the Coordinating Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism at Office of the Prime Minister and a member of the World Jewish Forum under formation by President Katsav. Mr. Schneider serves as coordinator of B’nai B’rith’s delegation to the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency and represents the organization’s alternate representative on the Zionist Executive and on other forums of the National Institutions. He served as a managing editor of the joint B’nai B’rith –JCPA e-publication “NGO Monitor” and is an editor of the World Center’s new bi-monthly e-publication “The Real News From Israel.” Schneider is a founding member of two international Holocaust memorial projects: “Unto Every Person There is a Name” and “The Action Committee to Recognize Jews who Rescued Jews During the Holocaust”.

Schneider was the founding chairman of the “3-Line-Theater” a nonprofit organization that assists new immigrant artists and is a founding member of “IsraAid”, The Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid. Schneider’s articles and reports have been published frequently in B’nai B’rith’s international magazine and web-based publications, and he has addressed numerous international B’nai B’rith gatherings on issues pertaining to Israeli foreign and internal policy. 

He and his wife Silvia live in Kfar Adumim outside Jerusalem where they raise their four children: Gilad (15), Yonatan (14), Hadas (11) and Moriah (4).

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