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Adrian Wolff was born in London, and after graduating BA Honours in Economics from the University of Cape Town, he immigrated to Israel. He worked in the field of economics and marketing.  He served in the Israel Defense Forces rising to the rank of major. Having an exhaustive interest in history since childhood, he returned to academic life, then qualified the official Israeli Tourist Guide course which became the impetus to further study and research the subject of the History of Israel, including a study of the Bible. He is the author of A Chronology of Israel.

When not traveling, lecturing or reading Adrian Wolff can be found playing the clarinet, or participating in national cycling activities, or being the general handyman at home.
He is the Israel co-coordinator of an annual One-to-One charity bicycle ride around the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) which raises money for Israel’s Victims of Terror and Disadvantaged Youth.

Adrian is an ESRA volunteer area distributors, distributing the bi-monthy ESRA MAGAZINE to the volunteer postpersons in Ramat Hasharon.

He is married with two daughters and two grandsons.

The two items in ESRAmagazine #200 prompt me to write about ...
Many students learn music with professional teachers as both therapy and strengthening their skills

Students gardening at the Village – part of giving back to the community

Since the Holocaust, Israel's unique "youth villages" provid...
Two Youth Villages, Alonei Yitzhak, located next to Givat Ad...

To the staff at Beth Protea, We are so very grateful for all...
Arromanches beach.  Story and photos by Adrian Wolff

Adrian Wolff in the Omaha US Military Cemetery.

A Verdun artillery bunker.

German Artillery at Cap Gris Nez housed in a concrete saucer capable of firing across the English Channel

German artillery battery facing seawards at Longues sur Mere

Pegasus Bridge at Benouville today

Le Coupule, housing the German V2 rocket launchers

The picturesque Belgian town of Bouillon

 In October 2015, I was one of the 33 ex-IDF officers (...
A view of Beit Hanun from Kibbutz Nir Am. Photos: Adrian Wolff

Kibbutz Sa’ad with cowsheds in the background

A nursery school at Nirim

A bus stop shelter at Nir Am

Roof damage at Kfar Aza

Tomatoes growing at Nativ Ha’asara

A view of Kibbutz Sa’ad

Looking into Beit Lehia

Kibbutz Nirim with a shelter in the playground

I have traveled though the western Negev on many occasions, ...