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Dr. Pamela Peled was born in South Africa and came to live in Israel in 1975, at the age of 17. She studied English Literature and Teaching at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has a doctorate in Shakespeare from Bar Ilan University. She teaches at Beit Berl College and at the IDC Herzliya, and also gives lectures on Shakespeare all over Israel and abroad, as well as on cruise ships.

Pamela is also a journalist and has published three books: How to Have a Husband and Live with your Lover (at the Same Time)For the Love of God and Virgins and Three Ladies Three Lattes.

Pamela has three daughters and two grandsons.

Everyone for tennis . . . members of the Israel Tennis Center’s girls team. Photo: Lidor Goldberg

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The Rolling Stones played in Tel Aviv this summer. Photo Credit:

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Lana Melman: “Artists should be part of the solution to problems.”

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Odelia Shpitalni ... decided it was time to give back to society

A touch of class ... Odelia Shpitalni giving guidance to one of her pupils

 Like most things in Israel, education is complicated. ...
Touching the power at El Halev

Yudit Sidikman...reinventing herself

The brochure of El Halev, Israel's only martial arts center ...
Photo: Anat Belzberg

Presenting the ‘Martin’s Men’ T-shirts to pupils ... (from left) Yonathan Drimmer, coordinator of Volunteer Activity, Ort Kfar Saba, Philip Symon and Pamela Peled. The logo (below, left) was designed by Emmanuel Levi, from design class at Ort.

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Judith Yovel Recanati ... chairperson and founder of Natal

Care givers working with PTSD patients in the South

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Photos by John Woo.

The Flower Shop by Mindy Weisel

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Mummy Mask in linen and plaster, painted and gilded. It dates from the early 1st century CE, Egypt, and featured in the recent Pure Gold exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.   Photo: Moshe Caine

Inside the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem

Eli and Batya Borowski

The museum director: Amanda Weiss

In 1929, when Batya Borowski's parents left Palestine for Am...

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