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Talya's Soldiers' Kitchen: Behind the Scenes

Hot cinnamon yeast rolls baked for the foreign caregivers on Kibbutz Ma’ayan Zvi

Kibbutz Ma'ayan Zvi - Hof HaCarmel 

High school pupils fashion artistic baked goods for Kibbutz Beth El’s Friday contribution

Text by Carol Shani

The photos of teenagers baking for Beth El were supplied by Beth El

As you might expect from all the kibbutzim, Maayan Zvi immediately responded to the attacks of October 7th - within the limits of a civilian population distanced from the northern and southern fronts.

There was an effort to open every nook and cranny to evacuees and survivors but the space is terribly limited and there is a lack of shelters.

The story of Talya's Soldiers' Kitchen has won accolades throughout Hof Hacarmel, but Talya herself had just enrolled in a study program. After three full months we amalgamated with the providers of meals in Zichron Ya'akov (next to the Red Cross ambulance station).

However, beyond participating in that, Maayan Zvi also organized several tracks within itself: to provide twice-weekly meals for families of reserve soldiers; to "adopt" soldiers (reserve and enlisted) on the kibbutz and prepare something individually or for them to take to their units; to ensure that a family affected by loss does not have to worry about meals; and we have had for several years the concept of providing meals twice weekly to new mothers (and their family) of babies.

There are some new mothers here who are indeed evacuees and have benefited from this reception into the kibbutz.

Each different route has its organizer/s and those who sign up, give accordingly.

Beyond that, we have caregivers from abroad who are made to feel welcome and receive every Friday, since the start of the war, a home baked good challah, biscuits, individual pies and are given a few precious moments to talk one-on-one with someone. 



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