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"Students Build a Community" Projects in Netanya

Building bridges

Orientation Day for four "Students Build a Community" Netanya Projects

By Cynthia Yaakovi – Volunteer SBC Netanya Projects

It's the beginning of September again and another new year of activity, involvement and commitment has begun for SBC Netanya projects.

This year, we could all meet together in person, not on Zoom, without COVID 19 concerns. Twelve new and 26 veteran students from the four SBC Netanya projects - Hephzibah, Kiryat Nordau, Neot Shaked and Neot Herzl - got together at the Neot Herzl (Azorim) community center for the first official activity of the 2022-2023 year.

This annual get-together offers a full day of shared information, exchange of ideas and hard-earned tips for all in attendance. Bonding and forming cohesive groups began here and will continue throughout the year with SBC students depending upon each other for help, advice, emotional strength, scholastic support, sharing achievements and daily survival tactics in Israel's trying conditions. 

A four way split of dominoes
And the finale – building a car
The winning balancing act
Building a skyscraper
The first brainstorming session – a different kind of puzzle

Achieving SBC's major goals of academic improvement and imparting and strengthening social skills to the 150 pupils in the Netanya projects begins with strong, confident and talented students. The new students were introduced to the general ground rules for behavior - upkeep of the shared apartments, safety and handling of the pupils at bi-weekly meetings and communication with parents and teachers of our pupils. Veteran students had the opportunity to meet and greet their new and old roommates with whom they will share apartments and work for the next twelve months.

Imparting new, exciting educational tools and skills were the major goals for this year's session. The group sessions were led by a talented educational group named "Sus ve Agala" (Horse and Carriage to English speakers). Using puzzles, blocks, games and colorful accessories, challenges, competitions and group activities, we all spent some eight hours of useful sessions with lots of laughter mistakes, successes and good fun.

Project coordinators Tamar Tal-Blum for Neot Shaked and Neot Herzl projects, and Osnat Shefler for Hephzibah and Kiryat Nordau projects led separate and joint sessions to ensure that all students understand, appreciate and share the SBC goals. Nina Zuck, Head of ESRA Netanya Projects, greeted us and made sure all present understood ESRA's activities and goals and felt dedicated to supporting them.

The photos only partially express the good time experienced by all, along with lots of learning to think out of the box, gaining new ideas and bonding together.

And the winner is …

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