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In the heart of Raanana, a remarkable initiative is quietly making a big impact. Grills of Hope, a community-driven project, is changing lives and fostering unity through the simple act of barbecuing for soldiers.Grills of Hope started with a vision of supporting our soldiers who sacrifice so much for our country. A group of us came together to organize the first BBQ event. Little did we know it would evolve into something much greater than we initially envisioned. 

In terms of logistics, deciding where to go for our BBQ events involves a collaborative effort. We receive numerous requests from army units, and we carefully consider factors such as availability, the size of the unit, location, and available funds before making a decision. Volunteers from all walks of life gather to help fire up the grills and prepare delicious meals for soldiers serving on the front lines.

When it comes to sourcing our supplies, we're fortunate to have a partnership with Samuel's Catering in Raanana. All our supplies, including meat and other food items, are delivered to our kitchen there. This central location allows us to streamline our operations and ensure that we have everything we need for each event.

For larger units exceeding 120 people, we often pre-cook some of the meat at our kitchen. This not only saves time during the event but also allows us to adapt to any last-minute changes or adjustments. Additionally, we always bring grills to the event locations to provide that fresh BBQ feeling and enhance the overall experience for our soldiers.

Over the past few months, Grills of Hope has hosted an impressive 186 BBQs, feeding over 20,000 soldiers. Grills of Hope is more than just about food. It's about community. It's about coming together to support a common cause and make a difference in the lives of others, and most importantly it's about spreading hope for all sides: soldiers and civilians.

As we look to the future, the mission of Grills of Hope remains clear: to bring comfort, strength, and a taste of home to our soldiers, no matter where they may be. From homemade garlic pitot to sizzling steaks, every dish is made with love and gratitude. So the next time you smell the aroma of BBQ in the air, remember the unsung heroes of Grills of Hope, who are making a difference one grill at a time.



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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